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Make Your Bid to Support the American Football Association!
Give a little and get a lot in return. 
Winning Bids Over $500 Receive Grill Box of Beef!
All Bidders (win/lose) Receive Vacation Certificates and a $25 Sports Memorabilia Certificate
The American Football Association will be auctioning off a number of fun and unique items to bid on.
Whether you have 1 item or 100 to contribute, your participation is an invaluable part of our fundraising efforts. 

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Sport | Transitions: 49 | Date: 2018-03-11

Imagine if you had a tool that could predict the results of NFL,MLB and even NCAA games automatically for you?

This super simple, betting tool is a game changer!
A simple software is automatically analyzing ALL games and finding the winning picks on autopilot.

All you have to do is to check the picks once a day and place the bets, and 
…next day you're looking at the hottest profitable winners!

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Sport | Transitions: 54 | Date: 2018-03-08

Basketball Coaches and Personal Trainers
The Definitive Guide to Improving Player Development and Earning More

Are you tired of "thinking about" improving your player's or team's basketball skill level, even promising to spend more time on it during practices, but never making it happen? 
Are you tired of finding and using the same boring drills to teach your clients?

David Smith presents a proven solution that will improve an individuals basketball skill level in 60 days. 
B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program equips readers with the key to unlocking the door to the next level.
B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program helps you grow your income, authority, and prestige through basketball training.

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Sport | Transitions: 64 | Date: 2018-02-09

Do you want to get shredded fast and have the body of a superhero in less than a month?
Don’t you want to be envied by men and desired by women?
Stop making excuses and take control over your life!
With this amazing fitness guide you will learn everything there is to know to get the six pack of your dreams in no time.

Your Dream Body Is Just 24 Days Away

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Sport | Transitions: 84 | Date: 2017-10-31

Bluetooth speakers for every sports fan. NIMA Bluetooth Speakers are premium sound and style. Official Licensed NCAA and NFL Products.

Superior Technology And Superior Sound!

Keep your NFL team alive all year long with the Nima Official Licensed Helmets. These premium sound helmets come in 3 sizes to fit your office, game room, or man cave.

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Sport | Transitions: 177 | Date: 2017-05-09

Birmingham personal training and online programming service.

“STRENGTH” is not ONLY about how much weight you can lift but also how well you can remain positive under all circumstances. In other words, the strongest person is one who can be well-balanced and develop his/her physical and mental strength.

Meet Edkon, the owner of the Strengthletics, fitness enthusiast.
-Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist -Certified Personal Trainer in the UK/US/Hong Kong -Certified Powerlifting Instructor -Certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach -Certified Sport Nutrition Specialist -Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach -Competitive Powerlifter@66kg weight-class

Click here to read more
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Sport | Transitions: 116 | Date: 2017-04-14

Unlocking The Optimal You: Your Path to a Stronger, Leaner, Happier Self by Wesley McWilliams & Ashley McWilliams 

Wesley & Ashley are a husband and wife team and owners of Evolve Strength Training. Wesley is a NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, while Ashley has over 15 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Unlocking The Optimal You will help eliminate the confusion and misleading information found within the health and fitness industry, and guide you through proper nutrition, training, and cognition strategies to unlock the potential of your body and mind. 

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-Fully Automatic Sports Picks with 100% transparent performance since 1999
No guesswork, easy to use even if you have no clue about sports. Copy-paste winners!
-THE community of winner Experts that DO WIN in sports and have been for years
You are not alone. You are amongst people who make their living by betting sports professionally
-Professional tools help you win - Line Reversals, Total predictors, Oscillators
Everything you need to win is at your fingertips.

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Sport | Transitions: 129 | Date: 2017-01-25

What we do is simple, but it works out to keep your bike journey as an excitement. We support the biking activity througout the promotion of maintenance and repair tools, with the proper safety equipment, since you have to be ready for any unexpected on the road and with tips that will help you out with your bike maintenance.

For that, our site offers different products under the categories of Repair, Maintenance, Cool Gadgets and Safety First. Like we say: Gear up for speed and don’t let a rusty chain stop you from a challenge.
Check out our latest products and cool gadgets. Click here
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The World's No.1 Online Sports Nutrition Brand. Over 1500 premium health & fitness supplements delivered direct to you!


The highest quality products for the best possible prices

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Sport | Transitions: 230 | Date: 2016-12-11

Become the fan on fire!
Experience our new mobile sports app FireFan and see how we are setting the world on fire. Play live sports with Superstars and friends in the world's largest sporting network!

Burn-up the League! Click here to register and be first to get the app!
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In DumbbellSchool we all have one thing in common.We started going to the gym because we used to hate the way our body looks and everybody made fun of us and we felt awful about ourselves.We didn’t have clue where to start or what to do or how to diet but we were all lucky because other people helped us and changed our life completely.We are now confident, sexy, healthy and full of passion about fitness.We are here to do same thing for You!We will help you change your life and become confident, sexy, healthy and passionate about fitness!
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Raising your surfing and jetting experiences higher than ever before.

Surftek is a Canadian/US company that develops electric and gas powered surfboards, each designed for different surfing styles. The advanced board features an integrated jet propulsion system and the EcoTek engine is environmentally friendly, producing far less emissions than any other personal water craft device and thereby ensuring our pristine lakes for future generations.
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Sport | Transitions: 196 | Date: 2016-12-11

New "Live Sports" App
Created by Former "MADDEN Football" DesignTeam
This is Your Chance To Share in an Unprecedented Billion
Dollar Opportunity that is about to take the World By Storm!

Affiliates earn commissions!
Players earn rewards!
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