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Welcome to War for Humanity - Social media platform dedicated for global peace and prosperity

As a result of the military intervention by the five world powers, we are experiencing the worst humanitarian crises since WWII. The ongoing conflicts in Syria, Libya, and Yemen are well planned and exist for the sole purpose of promoting global arms trade and global domination, which leaves no country safe or secure.
Together in one voice, we can bring a great change to the world at large—lasting PEACE.

Click here to Join War for Humanity to fight for your rights and for the rights of all mankind. 
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News and Politics | Transitions: 200 | Date: 2016-12-11

I'm writing regarding the current hostility and hate toward Muslim Americans by some Americans as well as calls for special ID cards and even calls for the complete shutdown of the borders to Muslims by a U.S. presidential candidate.
I am a Muslim and I still serve and protects the U.S. homeland against terrorism. Many people ask me “Why do you need to serve this country despite these waves of anti-Muslim sentiment?” I simply respond that there is a difference between “America,” which is an “ideal of liberty and justice for all,” and “Americans,” who are expected to live up to these ideals. Unfortunately, some of them don’t, because of fear and ignorance.
Read more and Watch a Muslim American U.S. Military Veteran responds to Donald Trump. Click Here and Sign The Petition!
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News and Politics | Transitions: 203 | Date: 2016-12-11