Lift The Iron by Edkon Yau | Training Made Simple: The Strenght-Letics Novice Program, 10:36 AM

Written for anyone who cannot afford personal training session but still want to lift weight and be strong.

“Lift the Iron”  contains basic knowledges that I believe every beginner lifters should know about before they start to lift weight.
“Lift the Iron” will answer all the frequently asked questions based on scientific research: 

1.) How many times per week training is superior for muscle gains? Why?
2.) Why shouldn’t female lifters be afraid of lifting heavy weight?
3.) How do our body adapt to training stimulus?
4.) Is the muscle soreness necessary?
5.) Common fitness myths that you should not believe in and why.
6.) Tips that can help you achieve your goals much faster.
7.) Designed beginner program for building muscles and strength.
8.) Full colour images that demonstrate the correct form of lifting.
and much more!

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