KELTA - Crypto Mining in 2020 with ROI 50% and more!, 1:37 PM

Interested in building your own passive income with block chain technology?

Welcome to KELTA
Altcoin Mining Experience with Blockchain Technology

Start making money with the next generation mining cryptocurrency.

KELTA is a unique data center with immersion cooling technology.

• The data center has high reliability and security at TIER 3 level.
• It is powered by two separate power sources and has access to more than 20 MW of electrical power.
• Furthermore, two powerful diesel generators stand ready as a reserve power source
for the data center in case of a total electricity black out.
• Which means, that we simply guarantee ZERO drop outs.


Get rewarded on a weekly basis
Great price-performance ratio
KELTA works through an application, which you can easily download to any kind of device.
Through your KELTA account you purchase tokens, which you exchange for computing power.
The more tokens you purchase the higher computing power you can use, thus the bigger profit you will get.
You can easily check your daily rewards, switch between different currencies and see your profit results every Monday.
Annual Return on investment (ROI) in KELTA is around 50%.

Join thousands of KELTA members who already profit from an amazing passive income.

Register to KELTA and start Building Your Own Passive Income today! Get 300 FREE KLT Tokens Sign Up Bonus!
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