How Desire Works by Arifani Moyo, 9:48 AM

"This book is pure gold. I'm only half way through this book but I had an urge to write a review because this book is pure gold...I probably highlighted 70% of the book."
"Excellent and extremely interesting. If you have any interest in the law of attraction, personal development, or self help....don't hesitate to buy this and read it."

Desire is not a random force or an inconvenience. Desire is divine guidance, and nobody truly desires to do anything evil. 
Most evils and troubles arise from the failure to understand the anatomy of desire. Most people have knowingly or unknowingly created strife by straining for what they did not desire. 
This self-contradiction affects our health, relationships and effectiveness in everything we do. 
Desire literacy is one of the most urgent life skills, and fortunately, one of the easiest to learn. 
Desire is a spectrum from the feeling of satisfaction to the feeling of dissatisfaction. 
When you feel full with satisfaction, it means you are currently thinking of what you desire. 
If you feel the discomfort of dissatisfaction, craving or emptiness, it means what you are currently thinking of is not your true desire. 

There is no difference between addictive cycles and the misdirection pertaining to a simple thing like diet. 
There is no need to look for a special psychological explanation of any addiction, perversion or criminal tendency. 
There is no need to confess anything to anyone who is not a law enforcer or a legal professional. 
There is only one anatomy of desire, which is divine guidance, and only one way of misinterpreting this guidance.

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