Treyce Montoya International Forensic Expert since 1987: ​World-Renowned Author, Forensic Handwriting Expert, ​Speaker, & Therapist
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Since 1987, Treyce has been a world-renowned expert who has worked on high profile criminal cases to include testifying in court as an expert witness. She has also been an international law enforcement trainer, Criminal Minds consultant, a long-term forensic volunteer for Find Me, and has been interviewed by media outlets such as TruTV, CBS, ABC, Crime Watch Daily and more.

Treyce has been featured internationally on television and radio shows and, in addition to presenting to audiences across the world with John Asaraf, Bob Proctor, Natalie Ledwell, Bruce Lipton, and Sunny Dawn Johnston, she continues to speak across the world on topics such as: criminal mentality, intuition, trauma healing, spirituality, changing ones handwriting to change their lives, teaching cursive in schools, forensic handwriting analysis, and much more.
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